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  • About Wi-Tribe

    Wi-tribe is an Internet service provider operating in the largest four major cities of Pakistan: Islamabad, Karachi, Lahore, Rawalpindi. The Internet services provided by Wi-tribe consists of 3G and 4.5G. The LTE Advanced Network provided by wi-tribe is currently only available to the two cities that are Lahore and Karachi and is expected to be launched in other cities too.

    Wi-tribe was launched in Pakistan in 2009 and is owned by Qatar Telecom. Wi-tribe is one of the two telecom companies in Pakistan that are ICAEW (Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales) approved.

    What is Wi-Tribe Internet Speed Test?

    Every telecom company which provides Internet facility has some packages for users, and those packages vary by speed, bandwidth, price, etc. The more you pay, the better speed and more bandwidth you get from your ISP.

    If you have Wi-tribe Broadband Internet installed at your facility, you may have experienced some speed issues at random times. The speed issues are caused by various factors involved in controlling your Internet connection. Those factors include but not limited to weather conditions, bad cabling, damaged Internet cables, high-frequency wires nearby your premises, Interruptions from nearby towers in case of wireless internet, etc.

    How Can I Increase my Internet Speed?

    You cannot get your Internet speed higher than the package assigned to you by your ISP. However, if you are paying your ISP for 10Mb/s Internet connection, and your speed is not satisfactory. You need to check your Internet cables for any damage or weak joint, weather conditions, router health. In case it does not solve the issue, then contact your ISP to get your connection fixed.