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  • What is Wateen?

    Wateen is a communication services provider that was founded and incorporated in 2005 and started its operations in 2007. It is the first company to launch the WiMax network country-wide. Wateen is a sister company of Warid Telecom, and its major operations include but not limited to Internet, Voice, Multimedia and Enterprise Solutions.

    What is Wateen Internet Speed Test

    Every Internet Provider Company has different packages for end-consumers. And those packages differ by Internet downloading and uploading speed, Total allowed bandwidth per month, and On-peak and off-peak allowed Data Download. The consumer decides which package they want, depending on their usage. Speed Test is a tool that checks what your ISP is providing you in return for the money you are paying to them.

    The ISP's own speed test is normally not considered reliable as it may be biased. Hence the consumers want some third party unbiased and reliable speed check providers for testing their Internet connection speed. And this is why this service is developed keeping in view the need for Internet users to verify that they are getting what they are paying for.

    How to Measure Internet Broadband Speed?

    The Internet speed can be measured by using some Internet broadband speed test tool to verify the downloading and uploading speed. This service is developed to check your speed by just clicking start button located above. Just click the button and it will start the speed testing procedure. Firstly it calculates ping rate, jitter, then download speed, and after all upload speed and then generates a final report for your connection speed.

    How many Speed Tests Can I Perform?

    You can peform an unlimited number of speed tests via this service. This service is absolutely free and will always be free. The service is powered by Ookla Inc.