• Pakistan Internet Broadband Speed Test

    Computers era started with the invention of computers in early 1950s. The Internet came into existence in 1982 when the TCP/IP protocol was introduced and standardized. Since then the internet has become famous worldwide and people started using to for spreading information and knowledge and it helped in the fields of commerce and entertainment across the whole world. This all was never possible before. Now with the evolution and adoption of internet, it has become an essential part of life in day to day activities, commencing businesses as well as providing and getting entertainment.

    Since year 2000, the internet usage has increased more than 5 times and according to an estimate, total 2.7 billion users have access to the internet and the average broadband user consumes 12.5GB/month. This is equal to downloading 4000 emails per day or downloading 110 MP3s per day.

    If we compare internet speeds of the most popular countries with respect to internet speed, South Korea tops the number with an average download speed of 38MBPS while United states of america has average 30 MBPS with being at leading position regarding the number of internet users and has 96.49% population using the internet..

    Internet speed is considered a major factor while choosing broadband ISP or Internet service provider. Internet companies quotes their broadband download speed as key part of their marketing campaigns. Internet speed is normally measured in Mbps or Megabits and the internet broadband performance is measured by the download and upload speeds.

    Internet download speed is measured by downloading a file or a stream from the web server and Internet upload speed is measured by uploading a file to the WWW (world wide web). If you have slow internet speed issues and your download speed test does not match with what you are paying for, then you should contact your broadband provider to resolve the issue.

    Upload speed is considered a least factor in broadband speeds that is why the upload speeds are slower. An internet user may face an issue while uploading a large file or a picture to Facebook or some other website.

    The download and upload speed of your broadband may not match what exactly your ISP has in their marketing campaigns. If you are paying for 8Mb, your speed may always be much slower than that until and unless your telephone exchange is as near as your gate. If one man's internet speed is 8Mb may be the other one is receiving 2Mb speed with the same connection. The speed may also depend on many other factors such as your wiring, or if your service is wireless than the signals tower may be at some distance from you and not receiving uninterrupted signals may cause slower broadband.

    You may measure your actual broadband speed with our website by clicking Internet Speed Test. You can also find out many other speed factors which cause faster or slower internet speeds such as the ping rate, jitter, download speed, upload speed, and your nearest ISP.

Speed Comparision

Latest 20 Speed Tests

DATE Country ISP Name Latency Jitter Download Speed Upload Speed
2019-09-25 Pakistan PTCL 54 14 447 n/a
2019-09-25 Pakistan PTCL 48 3 6656 439
2019-09-25 Pakistan PTCL 83 65 648 265
2019-09-25 Pakistan PTCL 23 3 7652 3545
2019-09-25 Pakistan PTCL 81 126 790 287
2019-09-25 Pakistan PTCL 80 662 276 270
2019-09-25 Pakistan PTCL 84 2 5997 797
2019-09-25 Pakistan PTCL 52 23 6611 415
2019-09-25 Pakistan PTCL 39 46 3710 315
2019-09-25 Pakistan PTCL 33 8 12365 945
2019-09-25 Pakistan PTCL 40 3 5778 848
2019-09-25 Pakistan PTCL 39 13 1980 503
2019-09-25 Pakistan PTCL 43 1 4121 3759
2019-09-25 Pakistan PTCL 69 1 7849 848
2019-09-25 Pakistan PTCL 32 7 6852 1176
2019-09-25 Pakistan PTCL 125 86 3127 251
2019-09-25 Pakistan PTCL 66 6 7471 770
2019-09-25 Pakistan PTCL 68 12 7699 746
2019-09-25 Pakistan PTCL 33 8 8700 789
2019-09-25 Pakistan PTCL 37 2 4302 270